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Shairice Nychol Garner
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(written by Libby F. 8-30-00)

Shairice, she is my angel
My bright shining star.
She was killed in an accident
While in her car.
So confident of herself and others
She had lots of sisters and a couple of brothers.
So many friends, friends till the end
We love her so
More than anyone will ever know.
So here I am without her
I loved to pretend she was my sister.
She was my coach, my friend indeed
Shairice helped me when I was in need.
She taught me alot
Things like love, happiness, and to give it all I got.
I have to say
The day she passed away
I love her so much more
More than I ever did before.
I didn't know what I had
Now that I lost it, I'm very sad.
I'd give anything to see her here
Teaching us a brand new cheer.
"Hands on hips, Smiles on lips"
She taught us how to dance, cheer and do flips.
She was the best
Better than all the rest.
My favorite coach, my favorite cheerleader
Never a follower, always a leader.
I loved her bright spirited touch
I love and miss her so very much.

(written by Missy D. 6-22-00)

You are the best coach ever,
because you think of cheers so clever.
Last year you taught us great,
because of that . . .
We made it to State!
I hope we make it to State this year,
because when I stepped on that stage . . .
I never felt fear!
I never felt fear because of you.
Your heart for cheerleading is so solid and true.
I think this year will be really fun,
Yet I will be really sad when it is all done!
Thanks, You are the Best.

(written by Lauren T. 4-11-01)

You were there when we were in need,
You told us to do a good deed.
To all be friends and don't fight.
You tried with all you might,
When we got out of control,
You wanted to go underground like a mole.
Thanks to you we made it to State,
We knew, it had to be fate.
Soon it will be a new year,
Now the beginning is here.
You taught us cheers,
You told us not to be afraid and face our fears.
And we did.
But this year we were not so lucky,
Kind of like a rubber ducky.
But a new year is coming,
Abd we are all humming.
Because we can't wait to see you again.
We all can't wait to stretch and bend.
You made us run when we were bad,
We could tell you were mad.
But then we realized how much you dedicated you time,
But then we thought it was a crime.
Thank you for always beng there,
And not having one fear.
Suzi,Thank you for a great 2 years!

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