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Shairice Nychol Garner
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96-97 Season

Elvia in the Den

Shairice in the Den

The Best Cheer-Trio Ever!
Reece, Suzi & Elvia @ Indianapolis

96-97 Photo Album
(1st, l-r)Becky,Joel,Suzi,Ken,Natalie(2nd)Nayshon,Becki,Nicole,Chrissy(3rd)Sarah,Niquitta,Elvia

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COMPLETE 1996-97 Season
Photo Album!
stick around and see
Reece in Action!

'Lil Becki and Shairice

El & Reece

421 floor cheer

Ken & Shairice's cupie

Joel & Shairice's lib

El & Reece

96-97 Captains

Time-out Floor Cheer

The end of the Season Picture!

Reece walk in hands w/ Chauncey

Reece's 2 1 chair w/ Joel


oooh high split

Reece & Becky right punch it towards the crowd

Ken and Reece extend it!

Here we are again on the Road Trip

Typical 1996 table top

Lib house thingy

Over Alls & Bibs on the Road!