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Shairice Nychol Garner
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Playing with the Boys

Sunday . . .  April 11, 1999

Ken, Reece & Neil getting started!

Shairice needed some footage of her skills to submit for a summer Cheer Instructor job, so she came up to Lewis to play and stunt around.

Another one!

Ah yeah, just re-group & do it again!

Ken & Reece toss lib

I video taped her stunting around with Ken, Nick and Neil in the field house at Lewis in April 1999.

Neil & Reece don't quit hit thier toss lib!

OOOPS . . . Shairice and Neil
don't quite hit that toss lib,
as Ken runs to get the
oncoming basketball.

Nick & Reece toss a cupie, as Ken spots!