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Lewis University Cheerleading

Guidelines and Policies

2002-03 Video Pics
2003-04 Video Pics
These guidelines are provided to inform cheerleaders of the expectations of participating in the cheerleading program at Lewis University. Persons selected for the LU Cheer Team must be in agreement with these guidelines and must adhere to these guidelines during their tenure on the squad.

Basic Rules and Regulations

LU Cheer Team 2004-2005 Season


Being a member of the Lewis University Cheer Team is a demanding activity and must come first and before all other extra-curricular activities (fraternities/sororities, school clubs, work, etc.) You are a Lewis University Cheerleader (not just a basketball cheerleader or competition cheerleader) and you are expected to cheer at and be a participant in other athletic/academic/social functions as deemed necessary by the coach and/or Athletic Director.


The primary purpose of the LU Cheer team is to be a team, which has as its goal, the support of intercollegiate athletics and Lewis University. That support is directed into three major areas; (1) to lead the cheers: to raise the level of fan support for intercollegiate athletics; to lead in positive vocal support for the team; to solicit that support from the LU fans and to project that support to the University and its teams; (2) to participate in the athletic activity known as cheerleading by performing gymnastics, stunts, motions, pyramids and dance movements, to perfect this athletic activity for keeping the crowds' attention/direction focused on the floor where the intercollegiate activity is taking place, and for entertainment and competitive purposes; and (3) to serve as a public relations ambassador of intercollegiate athletics and the University, to uphold reflect and projects the goals and ideals of the University; to appear at University activities, functions and programs, at charitable and public causes.


Grades: You must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 throughout your academic career.


Classes should not be taken during practice and/or game dates and times, unless that class is offered only once, during that specific semester.  Specifically: night classes during second semester!


Weight requirements: There are no absolute weight requirements for the cheer team; however, cheer team selection will be based on body composition, athleticism and skill level. Appearance in uniform will be monitored. Partner stunting assignments will be based on the ability of the squad members to safely perform the stunt.


Hair and make-up: If you have longer hair, it must be pulled away from the face. Lipstick and make-up are required when in uniform or when representing the cheer team. Shorter hair must be uniformed with the rest of the team's hairstyle for that given event. (Bows).


Permanent tattoos body piercing: No tongue, eyebrow, nose or lip rings are allowed when in uniform. Navel rings are allowed, however, you uniform must cover these. If this is not possible you must take the navel ring out. If you have a tattoo, your uniform or socks or tape must cover this. No other jewelry may be worn when in uniform. This includes earrings because of safety concerns and uniformity; there are no exceptions.


Practices: If you are unable to make a practice due to an acceptable excuse (coach will determine acceptable extenuating circumstances), you must notify the Coach or Captain before practice. If you make no contact within an ample amount of time so that a practice agenda can be changed due to your absence, you will be obligated to an additional half demerit. Common courtesy to your coach and to your teammates IS expected and this concept extends to keeping your coach informed of your situation.  Please keep in mind that disrespect to the program will not be tolerated.


You are allowed only 1 excused absence from a game OR practice. The first missed game or practice will result in a warning. Absences after the first excused will result in demerits; missed practice = 3 demerits and missed game = 5 demerits.

Demerits system will include:

1/2 - tardy to anything

1/2 - tardy after half-time break in games or matches

1/2 - leaving early from anything

1/2 - not in complete uniform

1/2 - excessive talking, goofing around at anything

1/2 - jewelry, gum

1 - missed conditioning

3 - missed practice

5 - missed game


You will be dismissed from the squad if you acquire 10 demerits.


Sickness is NOT and automatic excused absence from practice or games, unless a physician's care is required. In the event of a game, a signed doctor's note is to be obtained and given to the coach prior to the game. If you are under doctor's orders not to practice or cheer, this excuse must be in writing and given to the coach. You must also be cleared or released to continue to practice or cheer at the next game.


You are expected to give 100% during practices and games. If you are unable or unwilling to meet this expectation, you will be removed immediately from the squad. Laziness is detrimental to the core of the team. Excessive socialization during practice is not acceptable. You will be expected to cheer at a limited number of other athletic activities, exhibitions etc., to promote the University or the team. Serious consideration will be placed on your level of dedication and work ethic as a part of this team for the future.


Squad members are required to attend cheer functions during semester and holiday breaks. A detailed calendar will be discussed and approved by the coach and will be given to the team well in advance.


If you come to a practice, game or activity "drunk" or "hung over", or if the coach has reasonable doubt or suspicion you will be suspended from the team indefinitely. Legal drinking age in the state of Illinois is 21. The University will not tolerate the violation of state alcohol or drug laws or the irresponsible consumption of alcohol by any member of the cheer team.


If either basketball team reaches post season tournament play, members of the team may travel to the tournament depending upon budget restrictions.


For safety considerations, you will be required to keep yourself in the best possible condition at all times. The squad will condition together during regular practice sessions during the year. Length and type of conditioning will be determined by the coach. Any team member missing ANY conditioning will then be responsible for additional conditioning as assigned, plus one demerit.


Several fund raisers will be organized to help all cheerleaders offset the costs of travel and some cheerleading expenditures.  Members are expected to participate in their full capacity. Cheerleaders may have to pay for personal items such as shoes, briefs, bows etc. Should you choose to pay the costs of the season up front, please see the coach for a detailed yearly commitment expenditure and hand over the check!

Lewis University Cheerleading Contract of Commitment


I understand and recognize that certain risks of harm are inherent and there are dangers involved that cannot be fully foreseen and over which the university has no control, which could result in bodily injury or death.


I do hereby waive any and all rights and claims against Lewis University, its Trustees, officers, agents, and employees, arising in or out of my participation in the LU Cheer Team; and do further agree to indemnify and save harmless Lewis University, its Trustees, officers, agents, and employees of and from any liability whatsoever arising from injuries suffered by me as a participant or candidate of the LU Cheer Team during the events including but not limited to tryouts, athletic events, games, camps, practice sessions and travel.


I further understand and agree that Lewis University shall provide only emergency medical treatment for any injuries suffered by me while participating in the LU Cheer Team, and I assume full responsibility over and above any medical expense not provided by insurance.


Furthermore, I understand and agree that:

1.         Being a member of the LU Cheer Team requires a MAJOR PERSONAL COMMITMENT of my non-academic time. Attendance at practices and at games is not excusable by any other non-academic activities, including, including WORK and "Cult and Civilization Points" conflicting with practices or games.

2.         I am required to adhere to all rules and regulations specified by the LU Cheer Teams Basic Rules and Regulations and the LU Student Code of Conduct. I further understand that I am to abide by the rules established for conduct and performance at practices, games, competitions and special appearances set by the coach at any time during the season.

3.         I am required to participate in all scheduled games, practice sessions, team meetings, tryouts, projects, competitions, pep rallies, dinners, cheer camps, fund raisers and other activities as designated by the cheer coach and/or the Athletic Director.

4.         I must meet all of the academic requirements and remain in good standing with the University. Failure to do so will result in my being ineligible to continue my participation as a member of the LU Cheer Team.

5.         Being a member of the LU Cheer Team is a commitment to all athletic and community activities as approved by the coach and Athletic Director.


I understand and accept that failure to meet any of the above items will result in my being ineligible to continue my participation as a member of the Lewis University Cheer Team. If I am privileged to receive Athletic Financial assistance of any kind, I understand that all scholarship money will be forfeited as well. I accept and understand that the LU Cheer Team MAY consist of 2 teams of different skills, abilities and functions and I may be placed accordingly based on my individual talent, skills, and abilities.

Accomplishments at a glance:
2002 NCA Windy City Classic - Champions
2003 NCA Collegiate Nationals Finalists - 14th, All-Girl Division 2
2003 NCA Daytona Beach Classic - Champions
2004 NCA Collegiate Nationals Finalists - 5th, Small Coed, Division 2