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Lewis University Cheerleading

Frequently Asked Questions

2002-03 Video Pics
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One University Parkway
Athletics, Unit 166
Romeoville, Illinois 60446

Carla Johnson - Coach
Suzanne Stamm - Coordinator

Office: 815-836-5933
Fax: 815-836-5835

How many team members are there & what do they do?
The number of members selected to the team will be dependent on the number of athletically skilled and talented cheerleaders attending tryouts. Over the past eight years, the team has averaged ten to sixteen members.  The team has been predominately women with up to four men. The team takes pride in cheering on men's and women's basketball, as well as, men's and women's volleyball. Both basketball teams have reached the NCAA Division II Tournament in recent years. Our men's Basketball team captured the GLVC Championship Title and our men's Volleyball team won the NCAA National Title in Division I.  The team takes an active role in promoting student involvement, inreasing school spirit, attending National competitions and participating in community service projects such as March of Dimes.

How much does it cost to be on the team?
The Cheerleading program is supported administratively and somewhat financially by the Lewis University Athletic Department, therefore, team fundraising is mandatory. The cost to cheerleaders has varied in the last 8 years at Lewis. Cheerleaders may have to pay for shoes, camp, camp clothes, briefs, socks, warm-ups and tumbling classes.  During the summer we work very hard and have great success in fundraising activities.  Some of the fundraising last summer consisted of working beverage booths at the new Joliet Speedway for Nascar and Indy weekends.  We also host our annual Christmas Cheer Clinic for area youth cheerleaders, as well as private clinics for teams and organizations.

How much time will cheerleading take?
Over half the cheerleaders on the team are curently taking heavy class loads while balancing a job and personal commitments. It is definitely not easy, but we know it can be done. Interested cheerleaders should definitely take a good hard look at their priorities before making a commitment to the team.  Practices are ususally 3 days a week.  During second semester- games, matches and pratices sometimes average 5 days a week.

Below is an estimate of what's expected of team members through out the year.

Summer: Attend a few summer workouts and a 3-4 day camp, work fundraising weekends.
Fall: Practice and condition about three days a week to prepare for basketball games, select women's volleyball matches, and special events. Attend and cheer at home basketball games, pep rallies and events such as competition exhibitions. Travel to away games. Learn Competition Routine. 
Christmas Break: Approximately 2 weeks off. Attend all home basketball games and attend competition practices.
Winter: Practice and condition about 3 days a week to prepare for competition. Attend all home basketball games. Travel to basketball tournament.
Spring: Practice and condition about 3 days a week. Attend and cheer Volleyball matches. Compete!  NOTE: This is only an average estimate. Practices, games and Competition schedules vary EVERY year!


Are scholarships offered?
Scholarships are usually awarded at Spring Tryouts and given according to how you did at tryouts and based on finacial aid.  In the past, all members of the team received athletic scholarships and some years only half the team earned scholarships. First year cheerleaders may receive some financial assistance and veteran cheerleaders may receive larger scholarships based on the availability of funds from the Athletic Department.

When are tryouts & what is required? 
Tryouts are held each spring and a "pick-up" tryout is held in the fall.  Spring tryouts are three days with 2 days of clinic and the last day to tryout.  Spring tryouts are held after Nationals, usually in April or May.  Those who make the team will be notified of their scholarship award amount shortly there-after. 

Fall tryouts are usually for those athletes that missed spring tryouts and are experienced & ready to jump right in.  Fall tryouts are during the first week of September and consist of 2 days of clinic and 1 day for tryouts.  There are NO scholarships awarded at Fall Tryouts.  You can be eligible for scholarships at the next spring tryout.

Requirements for tryouts include the following:  Girls - 4 jumps (toe touch, side hurdle, front hurdle and optional jump)  Taught dance, taught cheer, taught chant, all-girl stunting and, of course, tumbling.   Guys - jumps, motions, taught chant, tumbling and stunting.  Tryouts are open to everyone.  Stunting and tumbling requirements focus on technique and skill.

MISSED SPRING TRYOUTS, DON'T WORRY:  During the summer, we have a "rolling" tryout.  If you missed spring tryouts AND you are accepted to Lewis, call or email the coach for a private tryout.(  We have picked up team members during the summer to attend camp and fundraise with us.  You don't have to wait untill fall and you won't miss out on all the summer fun and bonding! 

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Accomplishments at a glance:
2002 NCA Windy City Classic - Champions
2003 NCA Collegiate Nationals Finalists - 14th, All-Girl Division 2
2003 NCA Daytona Beach Classic - Champions
2004 NCA Collegiate Nationals Finalists - 5th, Small Coed, Division 2